About me:

Paul Taylor, DIHom DHP ACCPH

T/A Tunbridge Wells Hypnotherapy (2016)

       Tunbridge Wells & Online Therapy (2023)

       Tunbridge Wells Homeopathy (2024)

9 Upper Grosvenor Road 

Tunbridge Wells 

TN1 2DU 

Telephone/ text  +447714590798

Email  paul.taylor2014@outlook.com

WhatsApp   +447761198504

You can also contact me on Facebook messenger, the page (Tunbridge Wells Hypnotherapy) is still active though I rarely engage with the cesspit of lies, racism and hatred that social media has become. 


Details of qualifications 

Regarding hypnotherapy / psychotherapy:

Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists & Hypnotherapists, Senior member.



British Institute of Homeopathy, Diploma in Homeopathy. 2009.

Centre for Homeopathic Education, London. Founder member, 2020.


Privacy policy / data protection. 

All therapy is confidential. No information imparted to me will be divulged to any third party. The only exception to this is where you or a third party is in danger of harm.

By contacting me you give me your consent to keep your contact details for the duration of therapy, for the purposes of communicating information relevant to that therapy. I do not use sales techniques and no information is shared with any third parties. 

Your contact details are deleted at the earliest appropriate time. 

I do keep session notes and my insurance company requires me to keep these notes, securely, for six years. However, as I use coded references, your full name will not appear on the notes.


You will have noticed on the home page of this site a banner for you to accept cookies.

As I understand it, these are for two purposes: analytics (to collect the number of visitors and so on) and functional - to establish ownership of the site.

No personal information is taken nor is any data stored. Webador do not allow Google to use your data for any purpose.

The site is encrypted and your device is anonymous. 

You can see more on Webador's page here



Therapy of any kind should be confidential and non-judgemental, regardless of religion, gender or skin colour. 

This practice is entirely LGBTQ+ friendly, 


All medical conditions should have been examined by a doctor In the first instance.

In cases of IBS, a specific diagnosis must have been obtained from your doctor. For pain control, you should obtain the "go ahead" from your doctor or consultant. Prescribed medication should not be discontinued without referring to your doctor.


General Terms and Conditions. 

All information on this site is given in good faith, based on qualifications obtained, ongoing Continuing Professional Development training and lay research undertaken over a near- lifetime's study of natural therapies, many of which I have greatly benefited from at various times in my life. I offer these therapies therefore, with confidence in their efficacy.

Yet there can be no guarantee of success.  No therapy can be 100% effective 100% of the time and if I were to claim this, you would quite rightly be skeptical. Natural therapies require a degree of client participation not demanded by conventional medicine and the impression given by television and stage entertainers that hypnosis is some kind of magic trick strongly persists in the minds of many people. 

But the therapies and techniques used are highly evidenced based and have proven themselves in practice over many, many years. If you are prepared to engage with the process then you have every chance of a positive outcome. 



Payment for online sessions is in advance of each session by bank transfer or a PayPal/ SumUp card link which I will send to you. 

If you are unable to make a session, I am happy to reschedule the appointment or refund the payment (for that session only, minus a small admin charge ) providing you have informed me in sensibly good time.

Please keep in mind that the fee covers not only the session time but also time for analysing your case, planning your session and the associated costs of running a professional practice.

NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN for any reason other than that stated above.

Thanks for reading this far, I hope to hear from you soon.