Rewind for Trauma Therapy in Tunbridge Wells & online 

The Rewind Technique was first developed as a treatment for trauma and PTSD by Dr. David Muss, founder and now president of the International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy and from whom I learned the method.

Dr. Muss's first research paper was published in 1991, citing the cases of nineteen policemen diagnosed with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. After treatment with the Rewind Technique they were followed up for the next two years. All reported being well, having returned to work and none had relapsed. *

Since then The Rewind has helped many people regain their lives after suffering - sometimes for many years - from the debilitating and devastating effects of traumatic experiences. 

Closure Without Disclosure...

The Rewind is a simple, quick yet effective process that relegates the traumatic event to an "ordinary" memory - one that can be recalled voluntarily but without the associated emotions. And it does so WITHOUT the use of hypnosis or requiring the sufferer to discuss any details of the traumatic event, hence it's subtitle "Closure Without Disclosure".

The Rewind requires between one and three sessions and is suitable for administration face to face or online.

Because of the particular nature and circumstances of PTSD, the fees will vary, so please do get in touch via email at  or text/ phone on +447714590798 to discuss this or any other aspect of The Rewind for Trauma Therapy.


* "A new technique for treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder", British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1991, 30,91-92.